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Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards through regular maintenance. It will help keeping kitchen exhaust systems working at their best. they will also evacuate smoke and grease out of the building more effectively. We realize that the commercial kitchen and restaurants are operates 24 * 7. Therefore, we ensure that our service is flexible and as per your time.

Kitchen Duct / Hood & Exhaust System Cleaning & De-greasing

Regular maintenance of a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. It will also helps to keeping these systems working at their best. They will also evacuate smoke and grease out of the building more effectively.

Our established kitchen hood cleaning methods remove the grease and flammable residues. Certainly, it will stick on interior surfaces of the hood, filters, duct work and exhaust fans. Moreover, left unclean, kitchen exhaust systems inevitably collect enough grease to create serious fire hazards. The effects of the build-up of grease in the kitchen extraction system will also affect the efficiency of the system. It will helps to reduce the amount of air that can be extracted. This gas-filled grease would then spread in the oven, producing an unhealthy, poorly ventilated oven with low indoor air quality. Contact us, If you are looking for a good kitchen duct cleaning companies in dubai.

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We at Skodtec Service staffs are compliance with all applicable municipal state. Certainly, IKECA approved members are committed to providing a complete cleaning of the entire system. It means, from hood in the kitchen to the fan, duct on the rooftop. Our staffs are ensuring and following the most complete cleaning and inspection standards in the industry found in NFPA-96 National Fire Protection Association codes.

Skodtec cleaning services team take great pride of 10 years of vast experience in commercial and industrial cleaning sector. as a result, we proud to our quality workmanship truly superior results. Our team have worked with 5-star hotels and many major clients in Dubai, United Emirates Arab. Along with our many accreditations, certification from NADCAIKECADubai MuncipalityTrakheesh, IRETA, ISO9001

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Why choose Skodtec for kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services

Our professional scope of work involves cleaning all components and duct-work in the kitchen exhaust system. It will helps you to proper maintenance and to prevent fires. Because, during constant use for a long period of time, grease and other flammable materials accumulate inside the ductwork, causing safety and fire hazards.Furthermore, by cleaning the entire system, we are able to check for possible system blockage, and visually verify that the louver and dampers are working properly.


Upon completion of the cleaning process, a Proof of Performance details of Report and before after photograph will be provide after service.

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