Car Parking Area Cleaning

Car par not regularly cleaning and without proper maintenance oil, carbon monoxide, sand, debris penetration and generally build-up of detritus can cause long term damage to the surface it’s built on. This can lead to reduced revenue, dissatisfied customers, a poor parking experience and reduced life expectancy for your car park surfaces.

Car Parking Area Cleaning

Regular car park cleaning implements a cost-effective cleaning and maintenance program will save money and makes parking facility much safer for patrons, because accumulated sand and debris can increase the risk of slips and falls and increase the longevity of the car park. Car park cleaning will ensure that your car is parked in well-maintained and professionally deep cleaned park. This will ensure your customers satisfaction and left with a favorable impression of your environment and life span of your car park is prolonged.

Our car parking Cleaning
Our car parking Cleaning & disinfection division, approved by the Dubai Municipality. We offer this service to disinfect your parking lot environmentally-friendly and better value for money.

We take great pride of 10 years of vast experience in commercial and industrial cleaning sector and proud to our quality workmanship truly superior results. We have worked with 5-star hotels and many major clients in Dubai, United Emirates Arab, along with our many accreditations, certification from NADCA, IKECA, Dubai Muncipality, Trakheesh, IRETA, ISO9001


Skodtec cleaning provide an extensive car park cleaning with specialist over 10 years of experience for small, large and multi-story car park surface building. By using a various high, low pressure washing machine and vacuuming techniques we offer outstanding cleaning result to high levels. A Specialist cost-effective high-level cleaning service ensure all elevated areas are thoroughly cleaned and our clients get excellent results.


Upon completion of the cleaning process, a Proof of Performance details of Report and before after photograph will be provide after service.

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