Sewage and Septic Tank Cleaning

Want to extend the life of Commercial or Residential Septic / Sewage System? Consider a thorough septic inspection by a qualified septic contractor. Proper septic system maintenance could prevent a small septic problem from turning into a major and costly septic system problem. Skodtec Cleaning Services provides you quality professional sewage, septic tank cleaning & disinfection services.

Sewage and Septic Tank Cleaning

A poorly-maintained sewage, sump pit and septic tank will become a serious health hazard, spreading disease and contaminating water sources, hence proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your septic tank is crucial! What should you do if you smell a strong sewage odor coming from your sewage, sump pit, septic tank and manholes, chambers? Call to us and we have a range of bulk waste removal vehicles sized to suit all requirements from comm residential buildings, Labor camps and commercial buildings to large industrial premises and also personnel to manually clean and dispose the collected waste. Regular preventive maintenance is required to remove the irreducible slides which settle at the bottom of the septic tank.

Sewage and Septic Tank Cleaning
Our Sewage and Septic Tank Cleaning division, approved by the Dubai Municipality. We offer this service to disinfect your septic tanks environmentally-friendly and better value for money.

We take great pride of 10 years of vast experience in commercial and industrial cleaning sector and proud to our quality workmanship truly superior results. We have worked with 5-star hotels and many major clients in Dubai, United Emirates Arab, along with our many accreditations, certification from NADCA, IKECA, Dubai Muncipality, Trakheesh, IRETA, ISO9001

For septic tank SKODTEC will help you in effective and complete draining of the sum pit and removal of sludge accumulated in the tank. SKODTEC will also efficiently wash the walls and motor to remove stains and ensure trouble free waste water movement.

Sewage and Septic Tank Cleaning

Upon completion of the cleaning process, a Proof of Performance details of Report and before after photograph will be provide after service.

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A good working septic system is vital to your commercial and residence building clean environment, safety and health, so find a qualified company or ask a septic tank consultant.

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